From Coil Cleaning, there are two major benefits!

Benefits of the Coil Cleaning to Small Businesses

Coil Cleaning reduce energy cost by 5-15%. If a medium sized store, which has a
walk-in cooler, two freezers, three pop coolers, spends $250 once in every two
years for Coil Cleaning, it can save at least $1 270 electricity cost. Such benefit will
increase as electricity cost is expected to rise further.

Benefits of the Coil Cleaning to Society, Economy, and Environment

Coil Cleaning can affect economy, society, and environmental conservation greatly.
By cleaning the cooler coils once in three years, Ontario would be able to save
621,960MW of power, while business owners in Ontario would receive
$74.6 Milion of profits. It is also expected that whole Canada would be able to save1,739,000MW of power, which is equal to profits of $208,6Million for business owners in Canada. The U.S. would gain 9,876,724MW of power savings and its business owners would gain $1,185Million of profits. These benefits would create many working opportunities by opening a new industry.

Due to such power savings shown above, Coil Cleaning can also contribute to environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emission. In the U.S., for example, Coil Cleaning can reduce GHG emission by 5,353,185 TCO2. This was calculated with the U.S.’s GHG emission from electricity and heat generation: 542gCO2/kWh. (CO2 EMISSIONS FROM FUEL COMBUSTION HIGHLIGHTS ; 2010EDITION p107 ; IEA)