Coil Cleaning

What is Coil Cleaning?

In case of air cooled condenser, dusts are collected in its inside and outer surface. Coil Cleaning is the Cool Air Coil Cleaning Ltd’s innovated technology that removes such dusts. Until now, the only methods of cleaning the condensers were using chemicals. Due to this inconvenient method, cleaning the condensers has been difficult and expensive for outdoor condenser and almost impossible for indoor condenser. Utilization of compressed air and powerful vacuum, instead of chemicals, makes our coil cleaning method environmental friendly, cost efficient and time efficient. Moreover, it effectively cleans both outdoor and indoor condensers, while condensers are still operating in the machines. Our coil cleaning method makes coil cleaning simple and safe.

How to do Coil Cleaning?
In the past, the only ways to clean the cooler coils was to either clean only the
surface of coil units, or bring the condenser unit outside of the building and clean it
with acidic chemicals and water. Cool Air Coil Cleaning’s innovated Vacuum
Cleaning Apparatus and Cleaning Method for coil cleaning is much safer,
simple, and efficient, because it uses compressed air and powerful vacuum to
remove the dust from coil while the cooler is operating.

After Coil Cleaning

Before Coil Cleaning